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Our extensive experience in servicing the top-of-the-line foodservice equipment from providers like Norlake, True, Manitowoc, Turbo Air, Welbilt, and Kolpak gives us the knowledge to provide our customers with thorough and complete diagnostic services for your restaurant’s foodservice equipment.

Foodservice diagnostic service for your ovens, toasters, fryers, broilers, refrigeration units, ice machines, and HVAC is critical to assuring your equipment is operating per the manufacturer’s specifications and are in working fashion and your restaurant is able to provide the highest quality service and food for your customers.

Preventative restaurant equipment diagnostic services help you document all potential problems that could result in the unit going out of service in the future and provide ample warning and direction for recommended services or part replacement through detailed equipment condition reports.

The diagnostic evaluations of your restaurant’s foodservice equipment we provide include the following services:

  • Pictures of unit to document exterior and interior condition
  • Record of fault codes recorded on unit during past operations
  • Full clean of unit exterior, cavity, and blowing out/vacuuming inside components
  • Perform SelfNTest and record pass/fail status of unit
  • Testing Amperage
  • Replace parts such as Capacitors, Diodes, and Fuses
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Remove and inspect wiring connections
  • Remove and inspect blower motor assembly
  • Remove and clean catalytic converter
  • Inspect CC Element and components
  • Inspect and test thermostat
  • Inspect and adjust door hinges as necessary
  • Remove display panel and realign door as necessary
  • Replace door switches (parts included)
  • Perform final SelfNTest and record pass/fail status of unit
  • and more processes

This thorough list of diagnostic inspections and services provides a level of proactive care that will ensure the equipment your restaurant relies on the most doesn’t catch your staff off guard with unexpected down time that results in the inability to serve your customers or a drop in the high-quality standards you hold for your establishment.

If you are looking for more than just a service company but a partner for all your foodservice equipment needs, SMR would love the opportunity to provide a partnership for years to come.

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