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Planned Routine Maintenance 

The best way to minimize downtime in your restaurant is to invest in a proactive approach to foodservice equipment maintenance. That’s why Service My Restaurants offers Planned Routine Maintenance as one of our primary services, partnering with your restaurant to help keep your critical foodservice equipment in ideal condition to help prevent or better plan around equipment repairs or replacements that may cause downtime or service stoppages.

Planned Routine Maintenance with Service My Restaurants includes thorough inspections and adjustments of all your foodservice equipment and provides detailed pictures and feedback on the condition of your store. Using this information, you will be better able to plan on upcoming repairs and installations or make necessary adjustments to meet the high standards you hold for your business.

Proactive cleaning and calibrations ensure equipment is operating properly for your employees and customers to address any issues with operations. Poorly maintained and dirty equipment will eventually break down.

When it does, the domino effect can severely impact the operation of your restaurant or facility, both disrupting the workflow of your kitchen as well as the quality of service you are able to provide to your customers. Our Planned Maintenance Program will extend your equipment life while significantly reducing the breakdown and repair expenses.

Changing a restaurant’s service and repair mindset from an emergency break and fix approach to one of prevention and proactive care and support not only creates a stronger environment, but is critical in reducing equipment downtime and expensive emergency calls. SMR currently has maintenance programs for greater Indiana and northern Kentucky markets.

Service My Restaurants Planned Routine Maintenance begins with an initial visit to your restaurant to review and log all the equipment inside your restaurant. This gives us a better idea of your business, how best to approach your unique situation, and allows us to create general report of equipment condition we can provide you as a starting point of reference for you that can be used to plan our next steps together.

HVAC/Refrigeration Equipment

  1. Clean: Evaporator coil (Semi-annually), condenser coil (Semi-annually), blower wheel, condensate pan, and drain line.
  2. Check supply voltage.
  3. Check compressor operation and amp draw.
  4. Check condenser motor operation and amp draw.
  5. Replace air filters, (technician will mark all filters with date and initials).
  6. Check operation of economizer (if needed).
  7. Check main blower motor operation and amp draw.
  8. Check main blower housing and drive components (v-belts, pulleys, and bearings) Lubricate bearings, adjust pulleys, and replace V-belts annually.
  9. Check temperature controls (replace batteries with initials and date).
  10. Check heating circuit operation and gas pressure (heating season).
  11. Blowout all condenser coils inside the facility or restaurant.
  12. Place filter media on all condensing units inside of restaurant or facility (Including reach in coolers, sandwich units, stand up coolers etc.).
  13. Check all seals and report any tears or cracks.
  14. Remove and clean washable filters.
  15. Check hinges for wear and tighten screws as needed.


  1. Clean condenser coil.
  2. Check supply voltage and compressor amp draw.
  3. Check all wiring connections.
  4. Check float valve operation/clean and adjust.
  5. Check operation of condenser motor.
  6. Clean and ensure free flow of water through all drain lines.
  7. Check bin door adjustments/hardware and seals.
  8. Check entire system for water leaks/ensure clear tubing is clear of foreign matter.
  9. Check ice cycle for complete evaporator of ice.
  10. Check proper cycle time.
  11. Check operation bin thermostat or control.
  12. Complete clean and sanitization of ice machine and bin.


  1. Blowout all condenser coils inside the facility or restaurant.
  2. Place filter media on all condensing units inside of restaurant or facility (Including walk in cooler/walk in freezer/reach in coolers/sandwich units/stand ups etc.).
  3. Check all seals and report any tears or cracks.
  4. Remove and clean washable filters.
  5. Check hinges for wear and tighten screws as needed.

Our goal through proactive planned maintenance is to maximize the investment you have made in your business. Founded by our mission “to provide professional, reliable, and certified service to every one of our customers,” Service My Restaurants prides itself in growing strong customer relationships and delivering the highest quality service that our customers deserve. 

If you are looking for more than just a service company but a partner for all your foodservice equipment needs, SMR would love the opportunity to provide a partnership for years to come.

Contact us using the form below or call (855) 767-0140 today.

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